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reconnect with nature

Reconnect With Nature !

We really need to reconnect with nature, as in today’s technology era and our modern life styles, we all are pretty much disconnected from it. 

But tell me, even after being busy in your regular schedule of work , you had witnessed the miracle of the year, an annular solar eclipse last month, right ? 

It’s really an unusual phenomenon that happens very rarely, isn’t it? 

And sometimes taking a moment to stop and appreciate something like this eclipse in the gigantic sky or a clear, starry night can make you feel like a tiny part of a massive universe swirling around. 

We all know that nature itself is another god for us, and we are one of the parts of nature

We are human animals evolved to make sense of the natural world but this embeddedness in the natural world can often be forgotten and overlooked. 

And the fact is, more high-tech our lives become, the more nature we need. Agree ?

A trip to Matheran

4 years back, we went to Matheran, a small hill station near Mumbai. It’s one of our favorite places. 

What makes this place stand out from the others is that vehicles are completely banned over there. And it makes it a very peaceful and pollution free. 

reconnect with nature
Beauty in green @Matheran

It has been declared an Eco-sensitive zone by the Indian Ministry of Environment and Forest.

Being an automobile-free hill station, you need to opt for other options to get around. To enjoy nature to its fullest, walking is the best choice.

But we had hired one horse along with the guide for roaming around the place. He  was very talkative and continuously sharing his years of experience in the hill station with us.

We were literally enjoying the beauty and magnificence of nature with his talk and at one moment amazed to know that he never visited a doctor since last 30 years. 

Now that was the point. He was living such a healthy life which is more natural, with fresh and pollution free air, fresh food and his overall life style was based on all the natural things. 

I read this somewhere that more exposure to nature not only makes you feel better emotionally, but it contributes to your physical well-being, reducing blood pressure, heart rate and the production of stress hormones too. 

So, I always felt that all those people who are staying at such places, with so pleasant atmosphere, are so lucky that they have such beautiful nature in their surroundings all the time. Staying in these greenery is just their normal routine.

And we being the citizens, need to take out some time or spend some amount and visit the places to get the feel of nature. Right ?

Nature connection

Now one day, I was discussing this experience with my friend Mr. Mukund Pathare. Let me tell you, he is a naturalist and has a very good knowledge about the natural world as a whole, including species within its environment , environmental conditions and so on. 

That discussion made me realize that I really need to reconnect with nature at the earliest. 

He explained to me that nature connection means two things:

  1. It’s an art of engaging with nature through sensory awareness & observation skills rather than memorizing facts or knowledge about nature. 
  2. It deals with the personal benefits that occur as a result of spending quality time in nature.

So, the main idea of nature connection involves looking at the way humans interact with the natural world.

It helps us understand that nature is everywhere, and everyone has direct access to what nature has to offer us all. 

nature connection

Nature represents a significant source of expertise – humans have much to learn from billions of years of evolution of the Earth’s living systems. Isn’t it?

Look at the heights of mountains, the depth of valleys, the creation of waves in oceans, perfect time division of day and night, earth’s rotation, the moon’s rotation, eclipses at certain times, From 35K feet above, sitting in that metallic tube, you can see the blanket of clouds covering the earth and whatnot !

 Who is creating all these stunning things

I feel that nature is immensely and terribly powerful than any other ting. 

We have to look at it as a GOD, a creator, a constructor, a father who nurtures us, and we have to be as close to it as possible to be loved. Right?

But nature connection isn’t just about spending time in nature.

It also depends on the attitude you have towards nature, an  environment, and how present you are with your surroundings.

He gave me an example- “We see lots of people go for a jog or get their daily exercise in a local park. But very often they wear headphones, and spend all their time absorbed in thinking & planning.

Being caught up in your head is not the same as connecting with nature.

That would be like talking to a good friend while wearing headphones and completely ignoring everything  he says!”

I absolutely convinced by this and further asked him “I totally agree with you. But it’s been a long time since I had never visited a good place which would give me a feel of nature, so how can I reconnect with it ? “

And over it, Mukund said, “Simply by observing and being aware of what you’re seeing, hearing, feeling, and noticing on all different levels in your surroundings; is enough to get you started to reconnect with nature if you really are disconnected . 

Nature is everywhere. The fun is that people mistakenly believe that the more remote or rare the location… the more profound the experience. That’s certainly wrong. 

You don’t need to go into the deepest forest or most secluded wilderness areas to experience all the benefits of nature connection!

You don’t need to pressurize yourself to drive 5 hours every time you want to connect with nature. Learn how to connect with nature in ways that easily fit your schedule and lifestyle.

If sitting in the garden watching lady bugs or flying butterflies or running squirrel brings you peace then do it! And do it often.  ​If you focus on engaging more genuinely in any natural setting, you will immediately start to feel the nature and its effects. 

nature connect

Of course, if you go to places like hill stations, sea shores, top of the mountains, the experience what you get over there stays for several hours or even several days, it’s incredible.isn’t it? 

So it’s not about knowledge you need to have about the plants or birds or  weather around you. It’s about the experience. 

Nature is really just one part of the equation. The other part is YOU!”

Oh god ! That was so amazing explanation.  After that conversation, I learnt and practiced to watch and observe each & every small thing in nature around me.  I also taught these things to my kids. 

When they enjoy, observing how little ants are carrying their food, going to their destination while maintaining the queue, I feel satisfied. 

Reconnect with nature

I know that many of us  are disconnected from nature  and have only gotten more hooked on digital gadgets and technology.

But we need to spend more time unplugged and find ways to let nature balance our lives. And creating opportunities to reconnect with nature is crucial for both children and adults.

Interacting with nature teaches us to live in relation with the other, not in domination over the other. Right? 

I mean you can never control the birds flying overhead, or the moon rising, or the lion walking where it would like to walk. Right ?

Nature has a lot of power not only in creating the diversity of living things but also in destruction. When we see the natural disasters, we can sense that nature is more powerful than humans and even science.

The development by humans, made him disconnected from nature. 

For example, we invent air condition, and it becomes utmost necessary to close all the doors and windows. It gives a soothing effect.

but in this case, we shut ourselves up in the jail aka home. And forget that  we do not get really fresh air by AC.                  

People are now doing more and more climbing indoor climbing gyms. It has to be that you climb outside and have infinite degrees of freedom of your choices up a rock wall and experience  all forms of weather. But one’s freedom is reduced in a gym, Right?

I read an article where it was mentioned that an internet company investigated and  found that more young children can play a computer game or open a web browser than swim or ride a cycle. 

My grandma used to say that you need to eat everything which is direct from nature. Raw fruits and vegetables are best for your teeth, your hunger, your health and your strength. 

In fact, with more natural diet, you can be not only healthy but can  long like 100 years of life too.

But in our changed lifestyle we prefer fruit juices than chewing the real natural fruits. Or sometimes we prefer milkshakes than fruit juices. Right?

These days we barely find non AC gyms.

Gyming causes sweating, it warms your body up. Now when you workout in AC, your body tries to create a balance between your body temperature and the temperature around.

Your body slowly starts losing the warmth. That’s really not good for your muscles as you workout. Its okay to cool your body down once you are done with work outs. But not as you are working out.

Anyways, what I wanted to say in this post is, we need to spend more time in open spaces.

At least keep your windows open for the maximum time of the day. And let fresh air and sunlight enter in your home.

People who get regular quality time in nature, reports feeling a sense of inner peace. It helps them function better in their daily lives.

Nature connection is all about getting outside to explore a natural setting with your own basic sensory awareness & observation skills.

There are literally dozens of fun and simple ways to actually build your connection with nature.

As you can restart your life anytime, it’s also possible to reconnect with nature anytime and from anywhere.


For thousands of years people have been going into nature to seek a connection with something greater than themselves.

But dear friends, just look around, look up in the sky,  try to reconnect with nature around you and the experience of being immersed in nature can even be deeply spiritual and life altering. 

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  1. I love nature and find it do energising. Most days I enjoy a mindful walk by the beach it lake and find time to just stop and listen. Nature’s shares so much beauty with colour, feel and sound. As you mentioned we need to be willing to disconnect to reconnect. Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post.

I would appreaciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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