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Hello friends, My eBooks are available on Kindle

E-Book Title : Law Of Karma

Price : 120 INR

E-Book Trailer :


You can download this book from following link :


EBook Title  : Love is Zindagi

Price : 66 INR

Description : It’s a collection of 3 beautiful Love Stories in Marathi. Though all stories are very unique and happened at different places, there’s a common thread among them, and that is simplicity.

These stories hopes to look and define ‘Love’ which has lasted beyond the ages.

Not every love story begins in college. Life is so unpredictable! and that ‘perfect’ person may enter in your life at any stage of your life. Love has a deep, yet really simple meaning.

Read ‘Love इज जिंदगी’ and just fall in Love !!!

Download it from the following link :


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