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That Time Of The Month

Sabarimala I was reading about the latest news on Sabarimala. Bindu Ammi, a woman seeking entry into Sabarimala temple attacked with chilli spray. Now Sabarimala issue is not very new to anyone. But those who are not aware, let me brief you about Sabarimala temple. Sabarimala Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ayyappan situated …

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100 Not Out

Occasion : Birthday Party We all friends were gathered at a hotel for a birthday celebration of my friend, Mrunal. Everyone came exactly on time, except one friend, Manish Singh. He is my Punjabi friend, who got married recently. And we were all waiting for him and his wife Shobha. “He never comes on time.” …

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A Children’s day memory

While making bajra roti, I always get into a Children’s day memory. I am sharing with you today. Yesterday : My daughter came to me and asked, “Which dress should I wear tomorrow for children’s day party?” “Party? In school?” “Means we will get some snacks by school for children’s day. It’s like party only” …

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Mistakes are forgivable !

Mistakes are forgivable Place : Sweet Home Time : Story telling time aka yesterday night Mostly I read out the stories from some story books or create some instant imaginary characters in the story or sometimes my kids become the lead characters in the story they want to listen. Like my son Dhruv loves bus, …

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Be replaceable !

Dear friends, this is not a relationship post or any emotional story. Here in this post I am going to tell you how to be replaceable at work and why it is so important. Self-centered People A friend of my father passed away yesterday. I received a message  about his demise from a mutual friend. …

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Restart your life !

Morning 5.15 AM : My mobile was ringing. Somewhere deep in my dream my conscious mind helped to wake me up. I could not open my eyes easily but then somehow I managed to grab the phone to stop the alarm. It made me confused for a while as the ringtone was not my regular …

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