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Turn Challenges to Opportunities !

Challenges are inevitable

Yes they are ! But we have to learn to turn challenges to opportunities. 

Yesterday, my daughter was solving the math problems based on Fractions.
She came to me and said , “I have understood everything, but the comparing of fractions is difficult.

I have solved all the problems other than comparisons. And will solve it tomorrow”
“Why tomorrow ?” I asked her.

“It is taking a long time and am getting all answers wrong. I am bored now and will solve it in fresh mood tomorrow. Promise.” She requested.

“But what are you going to do now. ”
“Nothing. Maybe I will read the remaining part of the story book” she said.

“Durva, it’s not good. You enjoy doing only easy things and run away from difficulties. This habit will never help you in your studies.”
“Mom, I am really bored. Please.” She said and closed all the text books.

I smiled, but somewhere in my mind, I wanted to teach her that she has to learn to face challenges as they are inevitable, and believe that they are a vital part of our lives.

But I also know that, such philosophies can not be explained with theories. If they are told in the form of stories (as earlier I explained how mistakes are forgivable if accepted in form of story), they are remembered forever.

Therefore, at night, I told her the very challenging and famous Japanese fish story to explain the importance of challenges in life and how to turn challenges to opportunities.

Have you ever heard it? If yes, you might have understood my today’s topic of this post.
But if not, let me narrate it for you.

The Story : Turn Challenges to opportunities!

Japanese people always loved fresh fish. However, the water near their country did not held enough fish for consumption for decades.

So, the fisher men tried one solution to use bigger boats and go farther.
But with this solution, the farther the fishermen went, the longer it took to bring back the fish.
The longer it took them to bring back the fish, the stale they grew. The fish were not fresh and the Japanese customers did not like the taste.

Fishing companies in Japan, took this as a challenge.
To solve this problem, they installed the freezers on their boats.

They would catch the fish and freeze them; so they don’t rot by the time they reach the shore.
It was a great idea, right?

However, the Japanese people could taste the difference between fresh and frozen fish. And they did not like the taste of frozen fish.

Again, the companies decided to face this challenge. Then they installed fish tanks on the boats.

Fishermen would catch the fish and stuff them in the tanks.
Unfortunately, the Japanese could still taste the difference.

How ?

Because, after a little thrashing around, fish stopped making any movement.

They were tired and dull, but only positive side was they were alive.

As the fish did not move for days, they lost their fresh-fish taste.

But, Japanese people did not like this fish either.

The Japanese preferred the lively taste of fresh fish, not lazy or sluggish fish.

Huh ! Japanese customers !
Now, after freezing and water tanks, fishing companies were facing the biggest challenge in the trading.

So ,can you guess how did Japanese fishing companies solve this problem?
How did they get fresh-tasting fish to Japan ?

If you were there in a consulting team of such fishing companies, what would had you suggested ?

How did they manage to get the success?

Today it’s a best trading industry in Japan. And let me tell you why.

The secret behind the freshness :

To keep the fish tasting fresh, the Japanese fishing companies still put the fish in the tanks on the boats.

But now they add a small shark to each tank.
The shark eats a few fish, but most of the fish arrive in a very lively state.

The fish are challenged and hence are active and constantly on the move.

And they survive and arrive in a healthy state!

The challenge they face, keeps them fresh!
The story ends here.

But what do we learn from it?
We all live in some sort of ponds.

Tired, dull, directionless; sometimes life has no meaning and no purpose.

Basically, Shark here refers to the problems and challenges, small or big, that we face in day to day life.

So we all need a few sharks in our pond to make us lively and keep us moving.
Do you agree?

The biggest problem people have is that they hope for a life without problems.

But, this is an impossible goal, right?
And it would lead to a boring life. Isn’t it?

Friends, we will all have problems and challenges , the difference is how we deal with it.

If you are steadily conquering challenges, you are happy.

Your challenges keep you energized. You are excited to try new solutions. As you have fun, you are alive!

And, take the example of those fishing companies from Japan, they actually turned the table and they never gave up until the problem was resolved. Right ?

So even if you have no challenges in your life, challenge yourself to be better than yesterday, whether it’s your career, your health, your relationships, your exams or whatever.

Challenges are must ! Think about it. We have to take the responsibility to turn the tables i.e. turn Challenges to opportunities, to stay active.

Mr. Ron Hubbard said in the early 1950’s:

“Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment.”

Bernard Shaw said: ” Satisfaction is death!”
I loved these quotes. With such great thoughts of great people, I conclude my post.

Conclusion :

Put a shark in your tank and see how far you can really go!

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  1. Manjiri S Shingre

    Too good and very much true for the life we live ..Rightly said Kimu..life is not all simple and goody goody as expected everyone but those who accepts and handles the challenges sportingly by their own without giving up Life becomes beautiful..

I would appreaciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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