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There is always a way

There Is Always A Way

Sometimes life seems too hard and uncertain, and we don’t see any way out of that trap or the problem or the difficulty. But we have to believe that there is always a way out.

Seriously !

I loved writing short poems and never attempted writing anything beyond that. 

As I have already written in one of my posts that Universe sends signals to us through different mediums and that I received it from my friends and relatives where I realized that I am good at writing and telling stories. 

To give it a try , I actually started to create short stories and writing some articles. 

Also I found that am little bit better in imagining the things so I cook up stories that hold characters, I put them in different situations, let them suffer or enjoy and solve their fictitious lives. 

I was happy in writing and posting those little write ups on Facebook

Best decision I ever made

Then one day, my friend asked me, “why don’t you write  and publish a book ?”

“What ?? A  book ?” I never thought of doing such a thing in my life.

Even though I had got a practice of writing, as I used to write every alternate day, I never imagined myself as an author of a published book. 

But then he insisted me to write collectively under a good title, basically he wanted me to spread my work more in public. 

So after a long discussion on how should I actually proceed in publishing, I finally made the decision to publish a book. 

“Whenever I hear it can’t be done, I know I’m close to success.”

 -Mary Kay Ash, entrepreneur

Even though I had made the decision to publish my first ever book, my slate was clear.

I had no idea about how to publish a book and knew nothing about publishing processes.

Also , I had no references in this field and was new to the term royalty.

I did not know that how the price of my book would be decided.

I had not decided the title of my book and had no idea how would it look like, I mean the book cover. 

And the most confusing , uncertain and horrifying part for me was that who will buy my book and who will spend money for a newbie author like me.

But then I decided, let’s dive into this. Even if no one buys it, at least I will have two assured buyers; one, my husband and second, my mother. 

I completed the manuscript of my book in fifteen days, used a free online tool to design my book cover and finalized the title as  ‘Law of Karma’ and showed that to my husband.

It was a suspense/thriller book with a moral at the end; so he liked it and gave me a green signal to go ahead with publishing the book. 

Even with a very high level of excitement, I was very much firm that initially I will print barely 20-30 copies and only after all those copies get sold, I would print the next 50 or may be 100 copies, based on its success or reader’s feedback. 

I was very sure of its success, and the whole flow was clear to me. I thought that it was the best decision of my life.

Hurdles on the way

Though it seemed a simple process, soon I realized that publishing and printing a book is the toughest job in the world.  

As wherever I went, to whoever publishers I showed my manuscript, though they were ready to publish the book, they had a condition of printing minimum of 500 to 1000 copies. 

Huh !! Now, that was a twist. I never thought that the things were so serious.

What was I supposed to do?

Where would I have kept so many copies of the book?

How the maintenance of those many books would be?

What if my son make all the copies dirty with his color pencils?

How would it feel if no one order my book?

And so many doubtful questions kept coming to my mind in those days.

there is alway a way

And finally I came to a point where I made my decision and discarded the idea of publishing the book forever. 

There is always a way out

But I forgot the very fact that there is always a way if you have that will. And you know what, I desperately wanted to publish my book. 

So a few days later, while searching something on google, I got my way of publishing my own book and that was Amazon Kindle’s self publishing platform.

I was overwhelmed with happiness that this way was the brightest way, which resolved all my queries

It was an online book platform where I understood how to publish your book online.

Readers could read my book from the Kindle app of amazon, they could pay directly to amazon and amazon would pay me half the royalties.

No need of 500 or thousands of copies to be stored at home or office.

No need of maintenance was involved. 

And gradually I learned so many things which were involved in publishing a book and reaching to people; right from  online marketing on social media to promotion of my book with various ways. 

I came to know that Kindle as a device and kindle as an app is a big platform for reading and writing and was happy to see my book Law of Karma there.

And till date, I am successful in selling almost 500 copies.  As it’s digital and online platform, I got readers all over the world.

It’s not the best selling author’s number though, it was a learning experience for me that there is always a way if you really wish. We really have to learn the art of turning challenges to opportunities.

So far, I have learned that a self published author has to take the responsibility of the promotion of his/her book. As you are solely responsible for all the success or failure of your book.

With this thought, I created a trailer video for my book with Renderforest. And I tell you this video really helped me in increasing my buyers.

Have a look at the trailer which I created for my book :

Self publishing my book, gave me a new career as an author along with being a software developer.

It supplied me the push and credit that even till date I can feel certain and positive effects of.

When finally I published my book on Kindle Amazon, I learnt the biggest lesson of life. And it served me enough confidence and power. 

The lesson that states that there are innumerable ways to get where you want to go and there’s always a way out of every difficulty. 

There is immense power in knowing that you will find a way or create one.

There are no impossible situations, you only have to sit down, think and find the solution – nobody will do it for you. You can’t sit with your arms crossed and wait for a miracle.

There is always a way even if there seems none. You have to believe…I mean literally you have to believe the fact that there’s always a way. I assure you. 

Once you trust this, you become the source where everything is possible. You will receive a power in yourself that will guide you to create new possibilities. And that make the world better for you. 

Conclusion : 

There’s always a way out of every difficulty, it’s either you have not found it or you have not created it.

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  1. This post was so inspiring. Beonfninnthe same boat o am currently 23,500 words i to my book and trying to figure out whether to self publish or try for a book deal.

    So much to learn but glad to read there are options available.

  2. Great…👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    You are not new on such excellent writing but
    You are enough mature for another tough literature for publication.
    Have a BIG ALL THE BEST…👍

  3. Nice article! I am glad your shared your experience as I am thinking about publishing a book as well. . Thanks for sharing.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about pubiishing your own book! I too published my book, but thought I had to go thru a self-publishing company…. boy did I learn… Although it did get published on Amazon, I lost control over everything. Now, I’m happily writing journals with another collaborator and shall soon publish my own books just like you on the Amazon KDP platform. Like you say, there’s a way through everything. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Elkassih 🙂. And I would love to read your book on Kindle, so once you publish your book, share me the link. Best wishes 👍

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