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100 years of life

100 Not Out

Occasion : Birthday Party

We all friends were gathered at a hotel for a birthday celebration of my friend, Mrunal. Everyone came exactly on time, except one friend, Manish Singh.

He is my Punjabi friend, who got married recently. And we were all waiting for him and his wife Shobha.

“He never comes on time.” Amol said and started dialling Manish’s number.
Suddenly Manish and Shobha came, “Hi guys…so sorry. I am late again” Manish apologized immediately.

Before the fight starts and Amol says anything to Manish, I turned and said, “Manish ,you are blessed with 100 years of life. We were just talking about you”

“Hey shut up..it’s not a blessing idiot. It’s a curse in today’s era” He said to me.
One friend said, “He’s already a burden on earth. Such blessings to him, means trouble to our planet Kimaya. Why can’t you understand?”

Everyone started laughing at his statement. And now all were in a mood to make fun of Manish.
But he took the joke further by saying , “Yes dude, we both will leave this planet together. Either soon or whenever you say.”

Look, both were laughing and discussing about their final day on someone’s ‘birth’day.

The birthday girl said to wives of both, “Girls, stop doing all those rituals like Karva Chauth and all, for long life of your husbands. See they don’t want to live that long.”

Under the name of friendliness or openness, everyone was talking about deaths then. I don’t know why, but that day I was disturbed by listening to all those conversations.

We all are not that old and not very young too. Like in the range of 30-45 years. And suddenly all were , like showing completeness of whatever they have lived till date.


Talking about death

It is no more a taboo nowadays, this is what I have observed. At least in youngsters. (Like us.)

But, I could imagine if aunty(Manish’s mom) was present over there, when Manish said “I would leave soon,” she would have screamed to a volume which could break the glass window right there.

That generation is still “Shhhhhh!!! don’t talk about death.” type.
Isn’t it?

But you know what ? I too have the similar opinion.

100 not out
That day, when I asked them not to talk about such end of life things,
Manish said, “Kimaya, we are just discussing. And I am not going to die tomorrow. But seriously I want to die young. People should remember me young, dynamic and energetic. And understand, the meaning of life is that it stops. Enjoying every moment is the moto, as we don’t know if there would be any tomorrow.”

Amol, interrupted him and said, “See, when people are reminded of their mortality, they become more generative, productive and purposeful. You see, ‘Seize the day’ or ‘Live for the moment’, on insta? ”

Both were explaining to me as a teacher.

I was odd man out there because I found all negativity in those statements. I have a totally different perception and that’s what I want to discuss here today.

The particular incident occurs everywhere, when people show less interest in living such a long life.

Many people have a habit of saying, “I am sure, I am not going to live so long.”

100 not out : 100 Years of life

Now tell me.
If you are asked, “Do you want to live 100 years of life ?
What would be your answer? Be honest.
Yes or No?

If yes, I am with you. We will celebrate a century of life. Because I really wish that happens.
But if it’s ‘no’, Why?

Why don’t you want to live for 100 years?
Why are you assuming that you will not be as healthy then, as today?

Why do you want to look young always ?
Why don’t you have confidence in your health ?

Why don’t you see the abundance of beauty in life, for which even 100 years are not enough?
Why are you so sure that you will be dependent then ?

Is it really too difficult to keep yourself healthy?
What can be done to start and maintain healthy habits?

Why can’t you stop your bad habits which are harmful for your health?
Ask yourself all such questions. And find answers .

Power of Mind

Let me tell you one thing, our mind has a lot of power to change our world 180 degrees.
And suppose if the mind accepts that you are going to live 100 Not out years of life, look at the positivity, it will give you.

Even if today you are 40 years old, and have achieved nothing, or even if you re settled but want to start something new, which you have never tried; thinking that it’s a stupid idea to start at 40 or it’s too late.

Just imagine, you have 60 more years in your hand, and whatnot can be done in this period of time? You can create an empire in this period.

And that’s applicable to anyone, you have (100- your current age) years to achieve your goal even if it’s tough. Right?

See how significant a role the mind plays in shaping our lives and the world around us.
I have seen people who always talked about their own death very easily.

And guess what? they left the world early, coincidentally.
I know, it’s not like we can change the fate.

As we see, death is all around us, road or railway accidents, heart attacks, cancer or some unavoidable medical reasons, or many such cases where we see people exits suddenly.

So the fact is, nothing is in our hands.But, by talking about our own death is also pointing nowhere.

Even a cancer patient should think that the phase of the medical treatments in his life was a tiny period just like we take rest in case of fever, and nothing bigger than that.

We still have a long life to fulfill the remaining dreams.
So along with our many targets, health should be the priority. Agree?

I read somewhere that the human body is designed to last about 110 year max. Oh my god !! See the nature itself has set this margin for us.

If we go with nature, and take care of ourselves with natural ways, no doubt, we will die naturally, that’s at 100.

You will definitely live 100 not out ! isn’t that a great thought ?

I am not telling you any diet plan or exercises for long life. But, just want to say that, it’s not a bad idea of living long.

It’s ok to have all hairs white.
It’s ok to have wrinkles on face.

It’s nice to be surrounded by grandchildren.

100 not out
It’s all about what our mind is set to. We should have a positive self talk as there’s a lot of power in our own mind.

A short story

I had read an old story on whatsapp few months back. In Kerala, a lady crossed her age of 98. She continued working in farms even after that.

She was invited to an elementary school every year to speak to the children about her life. One year, when she was leaving, the teacher said “well we will see you next year” to which she replied “oh lord I hope not!”.

Surprisingly, she passed away after a month. If she believes that she lived more I am inclined to believe her.

If you eat healthy and live healthy and happy for most of your life and don’t hit any major illnesses/injuries when you get older, I’d be surprised if 100 isn’t the new 75.

So, physical and mental, both health are equally important.

Universe is listening

Do you know that the just like Universe speaks to us, it is also listening to us every minute and every second.

Whether we are doing it knowingly or unknowingly, every second of our existence, we are acting as human magnets sending out our thoughts and emotions and attracting back similar and more of what we have put out.

I hope I am making my point clear. ‘What you have become is what you have thought’.
And nobody wants to die early by heart, right ? Then why talk about such silly (in my opinion) things?

We have got only one life. It’s really a small period to roam around the world, read as many books as available in this world, sing as many songs as possible, and so many dreams.

At least don’t say, “I don’t want to live long”.

Don’t forget, the universe is listening to you. Instead , always say,”I am not going to leave before my grandchildren’ marriages or attending retirement ceremony of my kids”

It sounds funny right?

100 not out
Now that’s called a celebration. HAHAHA
100 not out
It’s me after 63 years. HAHA. I wish I would be happy n healthy like her

So always take the examples of those who are fit and working even after they are old. Keep your mind young. That’s all for today.

Are you all excited to see that 3rd digit in your age ? Please write in comment box.
I would love to read your reviews( Either similar or different) on that. Bye bye.

Celebrate your life at Fullest.
And yes, Longest too. Live for 100 Not out !

8 thoughts on “100 Not Out”

  1. I lost my dad last year and he was relatively young (55) so I agree 100% with you on wanting ourselves and loved ones to love long happy and healthy lives. Great input!

    1. Thank you so much Erica 🙂. I can understand the place of the loved one can not be filled but we have to move on. Have a happy n healthy long life ahead.

  2. Manjiri S Shingre

    Sahi..Very well explained and I am with your thoughts .. be positive ..Our grandparents used to give blessings like kapasa sarkhi mhantat..I don’t remember exactly but it’s meaning live long life ..
    Positive vibes works amazing

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