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letter from moon

A letter from the moon

Ever since my childhood I love moon, it’s presence in sky, the calmness in the atmosphere when he is present, his color, the stars and so many things. And among all these, I never imagined that one day I will receive a letter from Moon.

 That’s the magic of imagination. And here it goes :

a letter from the moon

A letter came to my bedside through the window. It looked very tired as if traveled a long way. I looked out the window, it was very quiet and the cool wind was blowing. So didn’t know who sent it.

I observed the letter from all sides, and gradually felt the warmth of love as I touched that letter. And checked the address of the sender. It was mentioned as 384, Star colony, Space.

I was curious to know then. When I opened it, I was shocked to see that it was a letter from the Moon !

Yah ! you read that right…

And guess what? He has written a letter to the people of India…and ‘Indians’ all over the world. It goes like this:

A letter from the moon

Dear all,

How are you? How is life on earth? Great? I know that.

I keep watching you all while revolving around your planet. And I tell you, it’s the most beautiful planet in space.

I have nothing to entertain myself here but to look at your blue beauty and the diversity you have which makes my boring revolving duty bearable.

You can never imagine how isolated and lonely I am here, without the classy creatures like human beings, birds, animals, trees and many other living and nonliving things on your planet created by the supreme power.

I got to know that ISRO scientists from your country wanted to study me, they planned for the mission and named it as Chandrayaan. Right?

You will not believe, but I was the first one who wanted this mission to succeed by heart.

a letter from the moon

I was overwhelmed with joy on 22nd July as per your calendar when your Chandrayaan was successfully launched.

It was a feeling like a son is going to meet his father after a decade. I was equally excited to meet your ‘Vikram’. As it was getting closer, my excitement increased too.

As I am almost 3.5 lacks of kilometers away from you, I know that it’s very very difficult to make such thing happen in real, to plan, to study, to research, to analyze, to prepare, to calculate to evaluate and what not.

And moreover… it’s space. That is not so easy. Here, every time your calculation may not be correct.

Still, I keep waiting, as I said before, I am lonely here. And I already have planned to cooperate with whatever machines you send here.

a letter from the moon

I was holding my breath when I could see Vikram very near to me. I could feel the tension at your side.

Even I crossed my fingers too with you. But …..

Oh … tears in the eyes? ? because you couldn’t get the signal anymore after that?

Have you imagined what I might have felt at that moment?

I was all set to give poses to your cameras, I was ready to show my secrets on south pole to your Pragyan, I wanted to watch Pragyan roaming all over my surface, and was ready to give a smile to every face waiting over there and mostly to the team of scientists who are his actual parents.

But you have to believe in miracles as space is full of miracles. Or else you need to have the patience to rework.

Why am I telling you all these?

Because yours is a country who respects me…worships me. I am so ancient but I am there in your every poetry of romance. It’s unbelievable…

I love you all.

Don’t worry.

Look at me, I am waiting for years and am going to wait again for your Chandrayan.

Tell all the scientists over there, I hate waiting as it’s very hard and boring, but if it’s waiting for you, I will wait.

I will spend as much time alone as I have to if that means getting to spend some time with you all.

Don’t forget, life is all about challenges. But that’s the fun. You have to turn the tables from challenges to opportunities.

No matter how hard it is, don’t lose hope.

I am still waiting……

Yours lovingly,

I would appreaciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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