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Some Things Never Change

Diwali is on it’s way and I tell you,  even in this 21st century some things never change like the way we celebrate Diwali. isn’t it ?

Pre-Diwali Preparation

Last week I bought lanterns for our home and for my kids also. In fact I shared my experience of the Orange lantern with you.

Do you remember? how that lantern turned into a magical one and spread the positivity to everyone. Actually Diwali is all about it, joy,happiness and love. Right ?

Yesterday, I went to the grocery store for the remaining shopping. There was a huge rush more than usual, of course for Diwali preparation.

I had a diwali shopping list with me. I was telling one by one item to the salesman over there.

These people I tell you are so trained to market their products, that even if you have forgotten something to buy, they will remind you with a sweet smile, then with the same sweet tone they will make you buy 250gms more by giving some offer.

Anyways, so before leaving the shop I was just cross checking the items in my bag with my list. It was very heavy then.

Finally, I got that feeling… like ready for war…. Preparation of most awaited Diwali faral(snacks).

I paid the amount to the shopkeeper and made my way out of that crowded store. At the entrance, I met another salesman of the same store, who quickly checked whether I had bought everything.

I was a little tired and answered him mostly in ignored tone as I knew I was done with all for Diwali.

And then he asked, “Madam, Diwali special Moti soap? ”
Oh ..there he was….… how can I forget that particular occasion special soap?

How would it be possible that the first day bath of Diwali be without Moti ?

And, I realized some things never change. Seriously !

By looking at my face he understood that I have forgotten and not bought it and he gave me a weird look. “Kya madam??”

You know that right? Some insulting looks can be heard also. He was saying in his silence, with that look , ‘You don’t even know till date that Diwali means bath with Moti? How can you teach this to your children what Diwali bath is? ‘

You know what, this is another trick of these salesmen. With such look, forcing people buy most costly items than their budget.

Because customers get a feeling of their low standard which they purposely gives.

Even in a dress shop, if you ask for other dress, they will simply ignore you by saying, ‘you will get only this one in your budget’. Then gradually they raise your standard in their shop itself till you buy a heavy amount dress.

Anyways, let’s come back to Moti. Actually it was simply missed out from my Diwali shopping list. But it’s not that I don’t know about it.

Of course I know what Moti means, and what its relation with Diwali.
I returned home with those bags along with the year’s guest soap.

While arranging the groceries, I saw that soap.

Some Things Never Change : Moti Soap

It has a unique name ‘Moti’ which means Pearl. I held that in my hands. I was confused for a while.

What’s so special in this soap? And who had started and decided that abhyanga snan in Diwali is imperfect without Moti?

I know that, Indians have the tradition of bathing with ‘Utna’ powder. But how Moti get the place in all these?

Somewhere in an article I had read that, if you take a bath with Moti soap your life also becomes like Pearl—pure white and always glowing. Aww ?? Is it?

My earliest memory about Diwali includes, new clothes, taste of mom-made sweets, fireworks, smell of scented oil and utna(natural scrub) and of course the Moti soap.

I think there was an equation set in our minds especially of 90s kid, that Moti soap is to be used in Diwali.

Now those 90s kids who are all grown up, naturally prefer Moti in Diwali since it has a huge nostalgia associated with it ! And some things never change. Isn’t it?

I think, in the nineties, Moti was promoted as special occasion soap by its TV ad. That ad of Moti soap gave stress on spirituality and purity. Remember ?

An Indian lady, in yellow saree was shown as lighting the diyas, making Rangoli and using Moti soap.

Overall the advertisement was all about celebration, purity and tradition.


It was a super-hit , consumers started to perceive it as a special occasion soap such as using at the time of Diwali. After this successful ad, Moti has become a Diwali soap.

Can you imagine how an advertising plays a role in people’s everyday life ? Even if earlier soap in the bathroom is not finished, we open new fresh Moti soap on Diwali.

This ad created a habit of using Moti in Diwali and we simply accept it as a tradition. Frankly speaking, it was just their marketing strategy, right?

Some Things Never Change


Some Things Never Change

It’s not our normal culture or ritual, but still many of us follows it.

It’s just a company product, but it’s unique shape, that cover with pearls, it’s size, everything made Moti to stand out among other soaps, at least for Diwali.

Even I loved the latest ad of Moti which is shown since 2013. It is focused on old Indian Diwali Custom of taking bath early in the morning on the first day of Diwali.

You might have seen it.

A chawl has been shown in the commercial where a small boy knocked on everyone’s door early in the morning and ask them to take bath with Moti Soap.

Similar to the habit of an elderly man who carried out this activity in his younger days (bringing the viewer to recall the earlier advertisements of the 80s and 90s).

This advertisement was able to create nostalgic feeling among consumers.


No need of Deepika , Kareena or any other fair and slim models, no special bathtub, no rose petals , no glamour, no bright colors but still the ad works, due to its simplicity , elegance and a classy theme.

Do you agree?

Some Things Never Change

While searching for old ads of Moti, I got this

I have not gone into the history and other details of Moti soap, but wishing the product a huge success every Diwali.

Many things have changed over the years but some things never change. That the ad of Moti still brings the notice of Diwali and the equation, Diwali equals Moti soap is not changed yet.

It illuminate hundreds of Diwali lamps in mind. All the house smells with that fragrance.

In this transient life that is changing momentarily, some things are never changing. Like Moti .

They bring joy to life.

Some things never change

Wish you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year

8 thoughts on “Some Things Never Change”

  1. It’s true some things never change because they are scientifically spiritual relegiuos and healthy. I strongly recommend that such traditions must not change and we must feel proud of it

  2. Happy Diwali and Happy new year.
    Positive memory gives us the courage to overcome all the hurdles of life.
    God bless you.
    Keep writing. Your words are encouraging thought provoking and positive.

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