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New year resolution 2020

New year’s resolution myths

I received a meme on whatsapp on new year resolution where in the picture there were 2 parts. First part shows the gym full of people and the date mentioned was 1st January.

And right next to this, there was the same gym picture where hardly one or two members are shown. And the date mentioned was 2nd of Jan. 

I laughed and shared it to my husband and many other friends to end the year with some humor. That was too funny and so real that I could not resist myself from sharing.

We all know that new year resolution is notoriously hard to keep, with as many as one-third of us abandoning them before the end of January. They are considered as myths. Isn’t it ?

Vision board 2020

In a few hours now, the whole world would be immersed into the encore of those three words – Happy New Year. And we would be busy in sharing the typical messages of new year wishes on social media. Right?

Frankly speaking, at the end of every year, we all have mixed emotions – we become reminiscent of the time we rejoiced and anxious about how we can mark a fresh beginning. 

As we can see, it is the perfect time to learn from the mistakes of the previous year and create goals to make the next one even more enriching than the last. 

We make fun of resolutions but the fact is these goals are the real new year resolutions. Right ?

They are the promises we make to ourselves that will help us better our way of living (If you actually do follow them!)

But according to experts, the problem isn’t that we don’t have enough will power; it’s that we aren’t setting the right goals. Too often, our resolutions are unrealistic, or based on what we think society expects of us — rather than what’s meaningful to us as individuals.

What I want to say here is, if you are close to your goals or far away from it, at least try to define them for yourself, and look into it that it should be realistic and easily doable by you. 

Because achievement of something, may it is a very small goal, indirectly boost the inner strength. 

People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily. -Zig Ziglar

I wish you should also make your vision board 2020 to observe, if the mind set is changed, how your world changes.

Seriously, I am very excited for 2020 , and based on my nature and beliefs I have put together a list of resolutions which I think can make my new year rewarding. 

My New year resolution list :

I will complete the incomplete

They say, ‘Half done is well begun’ but friends, I have seen many people who reach their half of the goal, and quits. Leaving the thing in between and going for another is not the right thing; I mean, ‘half done is not done’ as simple as that.

I too have some of my incomplete goals, and am working on it till date and before making any new goals, I am going to carry forwards those incomplete things in 2020. 

As we all know, it is okay to be delayed than incomplete or undone forever. Agree ?

I will finish what I started

Let me tell you my experience, there was one task I started with a positive set of mind and kept that attitude consistent till I reach my destination. As I could see, success built on success. 

I got the feeling that every minute every second that yes I can do this, and I can do anything like this. 

But in another task, I failed at the very first attempt and I got the feeling that no, I am not good at this and I can’t do this. So same formula applies here too. Failure builds other failure. You start thinking the same way from the previous thought. 

I never did this; didn’t do this, couldn’t do this and finally i can never do this.

At the end you quit thinking that I can not do that.

Can you see how finishing the thing with right attitude is so important? 

So this year, I will try to be more determined in finishing the things. 

If i failed in one, I will find another way to accomplish my goal as there’s always a way for any difficulty.

And I guarantee you, with finishing a particular goal, even if small achievement, you will get the confidence to go for the new goals, and with this you will definitely reach a level you are worthy of.

I will take care of my health a little(to start with)

Firstly, I am not very health conscious, and I generally eat everything which I like and never check the calories in my fav food items. 

I’ve been very lucky over the years to have been pretty healthy without having to do much. 

But I have realized that this habit is not right towards my own health, and it may show bad effects after a certain age.

As I am nearing my forties, I am planning to eat the things which would be mostly healthy  and would avoid the junk food. 

I am a big fan of Rutuja Divekar. She is a nutritionist and I love to listen to her speeches.

But the funny part is, I never followed her single advice from her so many videos.

So to start with some healthy diet, this year I have planned to at least avoid the packaged food as per one of her guidelines.  

I will be serious about my hobbies

Friends, we normally tend to put our hobbies or interests on hold and try to convince ourselves that we will get to it someday. 

But trust me, hobby is really important  and a good way to beat stress and enrich yourself as we enter into a different world. 

If you don’t have any, start with little where your interest lies and universe will speak to you to go ahead with it.

I love writing and cooking. But I invest very less time in these two due to lack of time. I am not talking about regular cooking, am talking about new things in the same interest. 

So am gonna make new experiments in my fav things. Maybe I will write new genre, and cook very new items which I had never tried. And mainly my kids would love. 

With my writing I am getting new friends from all around the world, which is truly an exciting part for me.

I will change my habits

You know what, I am a tea lover and am planning to leave the habit of drinking tea “at anytime.” 

I have purposely modified this resolution , as I know myself very well. I can’t stop drinking tea. But at least I will restrict the number of cups of tea I take throughout the day. 

Morning’s first tea is a must have for me. So I will not have it again in my office, like I drink everyday. 

I will turn on radio instead of the TV or mobile for entertainment

I had this habit of listening to old Hindi songs in the background when I was doing my stuff. And I remember I was very productive during those days. So I am going to start it again. 

Even today, there are very good programs on radio. And radio is a nice alternative to TV. Right ?

And this is my list of tiny goals for 2020, so that I feel I can make it

The whole point of a New Year Resolution is to bring improvements in our life. Right ?

Another year of our life is coming to an end. But as I had already told you that with healthy habits and maximum natural diet, we would live 100 years of life, positively.

So we have that much of years in our hands to do many things. So why not to start a new thing in 2020?

Let’s move ahead and share some New Year resolution; if you have your own list ready, please mention in the comment box.

Cheers, 2019. Thanks for the memories.

new year resolution

Conclusion :

Your achievement in 2020 is your responsibility as you are committed to success. So, create a New year resolution for yourself. Today.

Have a wonderful year of achievements !

7 thoughts on “New year resolution 2020”

  1. Ought-to-have resolution:
    Save water, separate plastic, plant trees. Sounds simple? Every man jack of us has “learnt” these terms but, short-term memory? hence lost; frivolous? hence let gone; waste of time? hence saved some..
    Do you ever think about where the waste you throw ends up? Search. Google might give you a trauma. Don’t waste. The planet is choking. Envisage the future. Understand the fragility of the environment and let imagination be the poignant reminder to come ‘back’ to senses. Change your social habits which would publicly contribute to an “environmentally friendly” ambience of planet. In the world so fast, the change is slow. Slow though; will accelerate the process that would help change the world faster.

I would appreaciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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