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stains are good

The Stains Are Good

Voting Right : The Stains Are Good

Yesterday, my daughter asked me, “Mom, why there’s a holiday to our school today?”

I said , “Because it’s an election day in Maharashtra.  ”

“What is election?”

“Just like you have monitor in your class, we are going to elect one for our state. We will get a line with blue ink on our finger after voting. But the stains are good. ”

She was so excited to hear that , “I will also come for voting.”

“No. not now. You will be eligible only when you cross 18years”

“Oh ?? then why holiday today? In our class we all are just 8 years old”

She hates holidays except summer and Diwali vacations as she has more friends in her school than society.

“Stupid, your teachers need to go for voting no?”

“Oh… yes.” She went away.

Do you remember one sentence ?

Democracy is for the people, by the people, and of the people.”

I think, we all loved to write this definition as it was the only simple thing in that bitter subject in school but hated as it was only for the single mark. Beyond that we knew nothing about it at that time.  Isn’t it ?

Then we grew up to that certain level of age when we were excited to get the voter card of our own and vote for the first time in our life.

The photo session for the card and the surname printing on the voting card is itself a different topic for discussion.

Anyways, do you remember your first time voting experience ?

I remember,  I loved that blue stained finger, which gave me a type of feeling like contribution towards country, by just pressing a button.

But giving a vote to the right person ( ? ) was considered as a great deed. 

Since yesterday morning, people over all social media platforms, had taken action to raise awareness about voting activity, many including celebrities changed their profile images showing that proud blue line on finger and smiling face shows that the stains are good.


The Stains Are Good
Sacchiiiiiiiin Sacchiiiiiiinn and Anjali


The Stains Are Good
Uhu ! Uhu !


The Stains Are Good
Mr. Perfectionist and my all time favorite


The Stains Are Good
My fav Jodi of Bollywood

‘Stains are good’  is the essence of all the posts.

Few of my friends insisted me to post a selfie showing that voting sign compulsorily.

The Stains Are Good
A mandatory Selfie on an election day

I was delighted with the thought that, this year’s voting might have been satisfactory compared to last year.

But today morning while reading the newspaper, I got to know that on an average just 50% voting is done in most cities of Maharashtra.

Oh ! where were the rest 50% of people on election day? 

Imagine, around 50 per cent of those who were eligible, didn’t vote. Definitely a significant proportion that could, in fact, change the outcome of an election.

For those people, the voting is not as exciting or a duty like before. This reduction in voting percentage since last few years,  is really a matter of concern now.

Whether it is a problem of democratic principle or a problem of Governance, don’t know. But either way something is seriously wrong somewhere.

I am clueless, why people don’t vote ?

Maybe they are not interested ? Or

May be they don’t understand enough about the government ? Or

Maybe they feel their vote would be wasted ? Or

Maybe they are relocated ? Or

Maybe they are hospitalized ? Or

Maybe they have lost trust in all the parties ?Or

Maybe they have gone for a picnic, as it was joined holiday with Sunday?Or

Maybe lack of knowledge : nowadays, many people consume information through social media, rather than reading daily newspaper headlines or tuning in to the news channels. Or

May be they don’t trust on today’s media for journalists also.

May be they feel that his/her single vote does not matter ? Or

May be they are homeless? Or

I am not sure whether homeless people, beggars or even prisoners have the right to vote in India.

If you know any law or information about this, please share with us. 

Whatever may be the reason,  the conclusion we get is that, along with political parties, most of the people have lost trust in democracy itself.

It’s like the time have come to change our pledge from India is my country to ‘India is ‘sometimes’ my country.

Once my uncle had said that, “Now our country needs a dictator,  not democracy”. I did not fully agreed to the statement but not disagreed also.

Maybe we need something in between Dictatorship and Democracy, where there would be some strict laws to monitor the work reports of the elected people also.

We are fed up of being victims of their periodic promises and assurances.

In my opinion, a good dictator is better than a bunch of corrupt and  selfish leaders coming to rule in Democracy.

But on the other hand, a strong democracy with good leaders that work for social cause and advancement of the society and nation can be better than a corrupt dictator. Agree ?

So, it all depends on the kind of person/people in power. And that’s the main reason we have to vote.

Governments are not formed only by people who vote, but also by the people who do not vote. Right ?

Voting is our ‘right’ , a duty and responsibility.  And a simple fact that it gives me an opportunity to be part of decision-making.

What’s your opinion? Express your thoughts in the comment box below.

Whether the Stains Are Good or not ?

#votingismyduty or #votingnotrequired ?

17 thoughts on “The Stains Are Good”

  1. Some people go on vacations: considering election day on Monday, it was long weekend. May be such people have increased leading to 50% voting.

    Another issue what I see is the voting center is allocated in a location far away from the voter home location. People may be disinterested due to that.

    However this is a great responsibility that we have. Reminds me of my grandpa who was willing to vote in spite of the voting center 1 hour away from home.

  2. Voting- is it a right or a duty? An act of inking your finger, an illusive privilege as a responsible citizen or an act measuring the contribution of candidates in numbers? For people, it’s a chance to shape the society they want to live in. But does the opportunity of voting actually help us in the world of corruption? The truth is that the people have lost faith in the government. And yet they’re relieving us with assurances which since decades have been in the column of “pending”. Still for our satisfaction, we get ourselves inked and unknowingly another chance for them to be in the rat-race. This is my perception. Being a minor, I haven’t witnessed the feeling of contentment people get on giving their vote as the greatest contribution they ever made; but I believe in “actions speak louder than words”. They say, ‘every vote “counts” ‘. If it , raise hands if there have been any noticeable changes in area neglecting the fortnight prior to election. Not against voting, I support “reality”.

    1. Imagine, in a classroom there are 102 students, and 2 are candidates, rest 100 are voters. Suppose, Candidate A is really good, and B is too bad. Now out of those 100, 50 students knew that A is good and they don’t vote. Now in rest 50, only 20 students vote for A and rest 30 vote for B. And because of that 10 votes difference B wins the election.
      Ideally if those 50 had voted to A, he would have got total 70 votes.
      So a single vote also matters, which collectively changes the results and someone who really deserves and work for the society get the seat.
      That’s why voting is required. To select good people. All politicians are not bad. But the thing is good people are not getting that good count of people’s votes.

  3. I dont support dictatorship because i feel what if the dictator is bad , cruel and corrrupt person here atleast we have the right to choose and also if required to change the government . We have the right question the government . One thing also i noticed this election that many companies had a working day. I feel its imp to change the voting process. Something is required to fill the gap between the voters and voting machine. Its time to think to have system so that we can vote from anywhere. Ya there are loop holes but some thought should be given in this direction too.

    1. Yes. The government has to seriously take some initiative in the the direction of making some system where migrants can also vote from their current location, and as you said a system by which voting can be done from anywhere.
      But somehow majority of people should vote.

I would appreaciate hearing your thoughts on this.

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