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That Time Of The Month

Sabarimala I was reading about the latest news on Sabarimala. Bindu Ammi, a woman seeking entry into Sabarimala temple attacked with chilli spray. Now Sabarimala issue is not very new to anyone. But those who are not aware, let me brief you about Sabarimala temple. Sabarimala Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Ayyappan situated …

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Restart your life !

Morning 5.15 AM : My mobile was ringing. Somewhere deep in my dream my conscious mind helped to wake me up. I could not open my eyes easily but then somehow I managed to grab the phone to stop the alarm. It made me confused for a while as the ringtone was not my regular …

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Maid in India

Maid in India Gone are those days when maid was just a maid and the lady of the house was the boss. Now we(being the home ministers) are afraid of them and take care of them too much than required out of fear. Do you agree? Well, I was at my friend Bhakti’s place last …

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