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A Children’s day memory

While making bajra roti, I always get into a Children’s day memory. I am sharing with you today. Yesterday : My daughter came to me and asked, “Which dress should I wear tomorrow for children’s day party?” “Party? In school?” “Means we will get some snacks by school for children’s day. It’s like party only” …

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Some Things Never Change

Diwali is on it’s way and I tell you,  even in this 21st century some things never change like the way we celebrate Diwali. isn’t it ? Pre-Diwali Preparation Last week I bought lanterns for our home and for my kids also. In fact I shared my experience of the Orange lantern with you. Do …

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The Stains Are Good

Voting Right : The Stains Are Good Yesterday, my daughter asked me, “Mom, why there’s a holiday to our school today?” I said , “Because it’s an election day in Maharashtra.  ” “What is election?” “Just like you have monitor in your class, we are going to elect one for our state. We will get …

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Joy of giving

Yesterday 7:00 PM @Office I got a call from my daughter in the evening, “Don’t forget to bring one white card paper, fevicol, and scale.  Tomorrow we have paper  plate Rangoli activity” Why don’t schools provide such activity material of (barely)15-20 rupees from the collected fees(mostly in thousands) With this instant thought , I shouted …

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Environment or Development?

In the environment or development debate, we forget that natural capital — forests, rivers, land — provide ecosystem services, without which we as a species would not survive.  Fire at amazon rain-forest Our planet has huge number of living things including us; humans. But as we have brains, that small portion of body more powerful …

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Maid in India

Maid in India Gone are those days when maid was just a maid and the lady of the house was the boss. Now we(being the home ministers) are afraid of them and take care of them too much than required out of fear. Do you agree? Well, I was at my friend Bhakti’s place last …

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India is ‘sometimes’ my country

I think now it’s time to change our pledge from ‘India is my country’ to ‘India is ‘sometimes’ my country’. Right   ?  Do you agree with the title? Yes or no? Yes ?? really ?? then you are really honest; at least to yourself. But if you feel No, then there are three options. First, …

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A letter from the moon

A letter came to my bedside through the window. It looked very tired as if traveled a long way. I looked out the window, it was very quiet and the cool wind was blowing. So didn’t know who sent it. I observed the letter from all sides, and gradually felt the warmth of love as …

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