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About Me

Hey friends, Welcome to my Blog : Frankly Speaking

So finally I bought this domain with my name i.e. http://kimayakolhe.com. Something which I had planned since long.

I am Kimaya, a co-founder of a software firm, a software engineer by profession, a writer with passion, a mother of two kids, a daughter of hardcore teachers and a smart wife of equally smart and supporting husband.

I promise you, I am enjoying all these roles that I am playing in my life.

I am a typical fun-loving lady with many aspirations and dreams to achieve. The picture of my blog perfectly describes me. The small span of life and many things to do.

In my career till date, once I was a lecturer. It was the most beautiful phase of my life or career. Ever since then my heart started resonating at the frequency matching with that of the youngsters’ heart, so I always feel energetic and young even though I have crossed 36 already.

I believe in positivity and cannot afford to be negative. Really !! Even if I am stressed or depressed, I try to be well dressed.

I am writing for the last few years and I am in love with writing and expressing whatever I feel.

In my blog, I will mostly cover motivational contents, based on my experiences I share or it would be some stories. I am confident enough that this blog will help the readers to gain confidence, positive attitude and happiness.

I also hope that my blog will sometimes comfort, inspire or sometimes entertain and empower my readers everywhere — no matter where they may be on their journey.

 – Kimaya

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