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new year resolution

New year resolution 2020

New year’s resolution myths I received a meme on whatsapp on new year resolution where in the picture there were 2 parts. First part shows the gym full of people and the date mentioned was 1st January. And right next to this, there was the same gym picture where hardly one or two members are …

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There is always a way

There Is Always A Way

Sometimes life seems too hard and uncertain, and we don’t see any way out of that trap or the problem or the difficulty. But we have to believe that there is always a way out. Seriously ! I loved writing short poems and never attempted writing anything beyond that.  As I have already written in …

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Your Time Will Come !

My student sent me a short query on whatsapp, “Mam, when will my time come?” And without thinking much I replied, “So soon, your time will come” Funny that !  But in response to this short answer she sent me a long train of smileys with red hearts in eyes.  I too replied with a …

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Universe Speaks

In this post I am going to share with you that how Universe speaks to us and how it sends signals to us to help us reaching our destiny. But before that let’s discuss something on the false beliefs. False beliefs Have you ever thought to yourself, “I  am not that good at ‘X’ things” …

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Turn Challenges to Opportunities !

Challenges are inevitable Yes they are ! But we have to learn to turn challenges to opportunities.  Yesterday, my daughter was solving the math problems based on Fractions. She came to me and said , “I have understood everything, but the comparing of fractions is difficult. I have solved all the problems other than comparisons. …

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Positive Self Talk

Today, I am going to share with you one of my experiences which changed my way of thinking drastically and I understood how a positive self talk can change you from within. And I will always be indebted to that weird experience. Good boss is hard to find I was at the beginning of my …

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